Wade Jordan Memorial Scholarship


     Each staff member at Mountain View has his/her own individual memories of our former Security Specialist, Wade Jordan, who died in 2007.  It is difficult to put into words the impact Wade had on the lives of Mountain View’s staff and students.  His contributions were often non-traditional and unexpected, like having his goatee cut off at an awards assembly because he promised a student she could – if and when she graduated – or presenting a senior the basketball backboard he had smashed during a tournament game.  When Wade was hired, Mountain View knew we were getting a level-headed staff member to help with security, but as it turned out we got much more.  He was the kind of person who listened intently to each person without judgment – he just rolled up his sleeves and helped with whatever problem developed.  That willingness to help everyone is his lasting legacy.  Terri Jordan, Wade Jordan’s wife, presented the Wade Jordan Memorial Scholarship honoring Mountain View’s former security specialist.

Success Stories:

Tess Harnisch


     The Wade Jordan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student that has recently faced a difficult situation in his or her life but has managed to overcome it.  This year the student that is receiving this award fits this description perfectly.  Throughout this year, depression was knocking on Tess Harnisch’s door; however, through her own therapy she found that her healing would come from within herself.  By consoling others, she started to feel hope and satisfaction, and it was just the type of treatment she needed.  In her essay she writes, “Helping others endure their daily conflicts and seeing the light ahead of them was what gave me purpose.”  Throughout this dark experience, she found her calling.  The “Little Therapist,” a nickname given to her by her own therapists, has decided to continue this path of helping others and pursue a degree in Psychology at VCU.  The Wade Jordan Memorial Scholarship is pleased to recognize Theresa Harnisch as this year’s recipient.

Jada Jones


     One of the themes running through Jada Jones’s scholarship essay was community.  Community at Mountain View for Jada meant being a contributing member of the Mountain View Girls Club, and a representative for the Student Congress.  Girls Club gave her the opportunity to listen, be heard and give back.  “Student Congress,” she wrote in her scholarship essay “makes the community of our school better, because it’s not just about the administration’s opinions…(but) also about what (we can do) to enhance students’ learning.”  Her high school years have not been easy, personally or academically, but the community she found here helped her achieve significant growth over the past two years.  One of her teachers describes her as “a fighter, a survivor…strong-willed and persistent…refusing to give up on herself and the life she wants for herself.”  Wade Jordan was a significant part of the community at Mountain View and appreciated students who could acknowledge and benefit from the sense of community at Mountain View.  The Jordan Family is pleased to present Jada with the Wade Jordan Scholarship.

Norma Sanchez


     Managing multiple priorities is a way of life for Norma Sanchez.  A full-time worker outside of school, Norma also managed a full course load at Mountain View and stayed focused to complete her high school diploma.  Her English teacher worked with her to complete English 10, 11 and 12 all in one year, an accomplishment that required a lot of dedication.  Norma’s ESL teacher describes her as strong and capable.  “She has a natural ease working with her peers and is always willing to participate in classroom discussions.”  Norma appreciates all the support her teachers gave her to set her on her path and she wishes to go into a career that allows her to give back.  Ultimately, she would like to become a psychiatrist to provide treatment for those in need.  Her aspirations would please, Wade Jordan, for whom this scholarship is dedicated and named.