The Closet of Herndon Scholarships


       The Closet of The Greater Herndon Area is a nonprofit thrift shop in the heart of historic downtown Herndon.  It was founded in 1974 by a handful of churches to assist low-income families by selling used clothing at a nominal price.  They also give away clothing to truly needy individuals and use their profits to support worthwhile community programs.  Over the years, their mission has expanded and they have become a significant resource for the greater Herndon area including providing scholarships for local students pursuing post-secondary education.  Mountain View is pleased to be one of the schools chosen to receive scholarships funds.  The Closet of Herndon provides funding for two academic scholarships each year.

Success Stories:

Brenda Rodriguez


     Brenda Rodriguez’s recipe for academic success includes large doses of hard work and perseverance.  Ms. Reamer, Brenda’s ESOL teacher, observed that she is “a reliable member of class who can be counted on for whatever we need.  Her internal motivation has kept her on top of all her assignments and helped her maintain a positive attitude even through a difficult testing season.”  When facing academic challenges, Brenda states, “no matter how many times I fall down, I will stand up and keep on looking forward to my future.”  During the last semester, Brenda applied to Northern Virginia Community College and completed her placement testing.  After graduation, she will use her scholarship to enroll in photography and other communication and visual media courses at NOVA.

Jhenifer Martinez


     Had you known her in middle school, skipping school, not caring about grades, hanging with people who were making poor decisions, you would hardly recognize the person she is today.  Jhenifer Martinez has come a long way.  A significant life event caused her to mature quickly, and strive to be successful.  But that goal took hard work, particularly in academic areas.  Finding the dedication and perseverance to study was hard; being at school every day, paying attention, and asking for help was even harder.  But somehow she managed, and came to understand how important reading was – it brought knowledge, information and success.  She is now graduating, and next year she will complete Cosmetology training at Chantilly Academy.  While finishing the licensure course, she will begin studies in Business Management at Northern Virginia Community College.

Adriana Machicao

     In her scholarships essay Adriana wrote “While at MTV I have learned that my future is in my hands, that everything I do matters, and even if things get difficult, I do not have to quit.”  Adrianna’s chemistry teacher witnessed her positive attitude.  Ms. Culik wrote, “Adrianna enjoys learning and working hard.  She kept at a problem until she figured it out.  She did not complain even if she had to redo a problem several times.  Adriana is a pleasant, diligent and intelligent young lady.”  Congratulations Adriana.

Elizabeth Scarcella


     Elizabeth Scarcella wrote in her scholarship essay, “I went from public school, to private school, to home schooling and never saw any progress. Mountain View gave me a thirst for knowledge. Teachers know how to push a student to do their best without pushing them away.”  Elizabeth’s Physics teacher says, “Elizabeth was a great personality in the classroom, always staying motivated and rallying others to do the same.”  Her Chemistry teacher wrote “Elizabeth is always more than willing to help her fellow students when they are struggling.  She displays a positive attitude about learning, asking questions that go above and beyond the scope of the class.”  Elizabeth’s counselor noted that Elizabeth earned almost a 4.0 GPA in the 13 courses she took at Mountain View.  Elizabeth plans on pursuing an education degree in college.  She wrote “I want to be the teacher who shows students how much potential they have.”  Elizabeth was the entertainment at Mountain View Alternative High’s June 2014 Graduation, singing “That’s Life.”

Wana Chiwevu


     In her scholarship essay, Wana Chiwevu wrote, “I used to be a procrastinator, but now I have learned to plan ahead.  I also learned about the reward of hard work.”  Achieving high scores in a difficult subject such as her chemistry SOL settled her worries that she can achieve anything IF she puts forth great effort.  Although her occupational goals are currently very broad, the desire to continue her education in fields such as foreign languages and architecture demonstrates Wana’s ongoing fortitude that hard work can lead to a successful career.  Wana received the Faculty Excellence Award at Mountain View Alternative High’s June 2014 Graduation.