Terry Studt Memorial Scholarship


     Terry Studt’s family established the Studt Family Memorial Scholarship to honor their brother.  A hands-on learner, Terry would have been an excellent candidate for one of Fairfax County’s career academies or an alternative high school like Mountain View, with a family atmosphere that would have supported him and helped him cope.  His family has chosen to honor his memory by helping a young person who might be left behind without additional financial assistance to pursue post-secondary education.  The scholarship was created for a student who has exhibited the resilience necessary to prepare for the challenging world young people face today as they graduate from high school.



Success Stories:

Miguel Ramirez


     Miguel Ramirez has a great recipe for success and I am going to share it with you.  First, have the best teachers, and that means all the teachers at Mountain View, second, keep a positive attitude, and third, never give up!  Miguel has been at Mountain View for six years.  He took 24 classes here.  He did much of this while working full time.  Miguel did not know any English when he came to the United States from Guatemala.   Miguel is self-supporting and also helps support his family in Guatemala.  Despite a full time school and a full time work schedule, Miguel never gave up on his studies.  The biggest obstacle he faced was passing the Reading SOL.  It was hard to read 30 minutes every night before he went to bed but he knew the more he read the better he would be prepared for the Reading SOL test.  His counselor, Ms. Fay, describes Miguel with one word, AMAZING!  Ms. Reamer, his ESOL 4 teacher states that Miguel always asked for extra work.  He helps his peers when possible and he never complains.  He is a role model for other students and a true leader in the class.  Ms. Carr, Miguel’s English teacher says Miguel completed every assignment she gave him in record time despite working 10 hour shifts at his more than full time job.  Miguel hopes to become a certified Automotive Technician.  He has already studied Auto Mechanics for a year at Chantilly Academy.

Nathalye Buitrago


     Nathalye Buitrago’s counselor, Mr. Todd, says that she really discovered her academic drive when she transferred to Mountain View.  A little academic success turned into a desire to learn new things and to the job as Editor-in-Chief of the online school newspaper, The Mountain View Mirror.  Although Nathalye was only required to attend two classes this semester, she spent even more time outside of the classroom learning and working very hard.  In addition to fulfilling her duties on the newspaper, Nathlaye is a founding member of the Mountain View Media Lab which provides Media Production & Social Media guidance to businesses in Northern Virginia.  Nathalye also won the Fairfax Peace Award this year. She is more than a deserving winner of this scholarship.

Kayla Richards


     Kayla Richards learned at Mountain View that a helping hand can make a difference in a person’s life.  Before Mountain View, Kayla was always on the verge of giving up.  But as AP Gary Morris observed, “instead, she made adult decisions to find alternative options to ensure that not only would she complete her high school education, but also do it with class, to the best of her ability.”  This type of resilience was evident in the way she tackled her Algebra 2 class.  When Mrs. Hoffman asked her to trust that she could learn the material, she gave her trust and her hard work to the learning process.  Outside of school, Kayla has had to deal with family medical issues as well her own recovery from a car accident injury.   Today as she approaches graduation, Kayla has decided that helping others is her calling.  Kayla will use this scholarship to attend NOVA at the Springfield Medical Campus and study Health Information Technology.