Siobhan Russell Memorial Scholarship


     Siobhan “Shevey’ Russell graduated from Mountain View in February 2009.  In her graduation speech she spoke of several traumatic experiences which led her to ‘truly hit rock bottom’.  After reflecting on her troubled life one lonely day on a beach, Siobhan decided to take control, and made a 180 degree turn.  She became successful, happy, and optimistic for her future.  Siobhan said that “no matter where I go in life the lessons I have learned at Mountain View will forever guide me in the choices I make”.  Siobhan had completed her college applications and was preparing to become a psychologist in order to help others in the future.  Tragically, her life was taken 9 weeks after her graduation.  Today, Siobhan’s family and friends are delighted to see a deserving Mountain View graduate receive a scholarship award in her name; delighted to recognize the achievements of this graduate; and delighted that Siobhan’s spirit of optimism lives on as this student also begins the next phase of his/her educational journey.


Success Stories


Ashley Lawrence

     For some people, the loss of a loved one causes such pain that they fall apart.  Ashley Lawrence is well acquainted with this kind of pain.  After her mother’s death, she witnessed everyone around her falling apart, and she concluded that if she could not change for herself, she needed to at least change for her brother and father.  She decided to take control of her life and the found the strength to help her father and brother through a difficult adjustment period.  In doing so, Ashley found a sense of purpose for herself.  Coming to Mountain View gave Ashley a fresh start and the flexibility to work full-time while finishing her high school degree.  Ashley is looking forward to the fall when she will move to Miami to study International Business at Florida International University.