Parent Community Connection Scholarship


     The Parent Community Connection (PCC) was organized in 1998 by a group of people living and working in the Reston/Herndon area who believe the first years of existence are essential to a new human being’s life long well-being.  The PCC founders realized that a baby does best if supported by nurturing parents and parents do best when supported by a caring community.  The PCC strives to help parents help themselves.  The Reston/Herndon PCC is especially proud of the community’s young parents who persist in achieving their educational goals.  Their Board is pleased to assist students in pursuing post-secondary education in order to better themselves and to be the best parents they can.  As they have for so many years, PCC presents a scholarship to one of Mountain View’s pregnant and parenting students.


Success Stories:

Deysi Rivas


     Deysi Rivas is a student with many dreams.  When she discovered she was pregnant, she thought she would have to let go of those dreams.  What she found, after 2 years of parenting her son Ryan, is that having a child has increased her motivation to succeed.  “Being a teen parent has taught me that in order to give my son a decent life and education, I must be a good example to him.”  According to Mr. Hardy, Deysi’s Social Studies teacher, Deysi is the kind of student that instills a positive work ethic in everyone around here.  Ms. Carr observed that she doubled up on her work in English to prepare for her SOL exam.  Deysi has begun her preparations for college by getting admitted to Northern Virginia Community College and taking the required placement tests.  What she has learned from her experiences as a student and a mother is that “our dreams do not end when having a baby but only end when we decide to stop them.”  When it comes to achieving her goals, Deysi Rivas is unstoppable.

Aury Ramos

     Aury Ramos has always had the dream to finish high school and go to college.  When she was orphaned in third grade, she thought those dreams would only be a fantasy.  With the help of a very supportive aunt, she continued to study, came to the United States and then to Mountain View.  At Mountain View she felt welcomed and she felt comfortable enough to talk to any staff member in the school.  In her essay she wrote, “This school taught me to build trust in myself and never give up in any circumstance.”  As a young mother she realized that her daughter is her main motivation.  She wants to show her daughter that she never stopped studying in spite of all those obstacles.  She wants to inspire her to work hard for her goals and that dreams are attainable through hard work.

Silvia Campos Panameno


     Silvia Campos Panameno began her scholarship essay with this simple statement “Being a parent is not easy, but it is beautiful.”  The “not easy” part as Silvia described in her essay, is developing the patience, responsibility and resiliency skills raising a child requires.  But the beauty, she explains comes in learning from your child every day, in developing the motivation to do better for her, and in knowing her future is inextricably tied to yours.  Silvia plans to use her scholarship to get licensed as a cosmetologist.  Her plan is to work as a hair stylist until she can save enough money to continue her education.  In college she would like to study to become a medical assistant.