Chuck Woodruff - Chairman of the Board


     H. Charles “Chuck” Woodruff II is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Mountain View High School Foundation.  He also serves as the Chief Operating Officer at American Association Of School Administrators, Inc.  Mr. Woodruff has more than 30 years of experience in the field of financial management.  He served as the Deputy General Manager for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, where he was responsible for a $1.3 billion operating budget and a $500 million capital budget.  He oversaw the budget, finance, treasury, procurement and SmarTrip offices, with a combined staff of 450.  Before working at WMATA, Mr. Woodruff was the Chief Financial Officer for the Stafford County, Va., Public Schools, where he was responsible for a $200 million operating budget, payroll, accounting and procurement.  Prior to that, he served in a similar capacity for the Fairfax County, Va., Public Schools as Assistant Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer.  In Fairfax, he was responsible for a $1.5 billion operating budget and all aspects of financial management through oversight of the offices of budget services, finance, food and nutrition, payroll management and supply operations, which included supervising a central office staff of 160.  His fiscal initiatives and projects over the years have generated substantial savings and revenue for the school systems.  Mr. Woodruff has a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Bridgewater College and a master of science in administration with a concentration in public administration from George Washington University.

Thomas G. Troy - Vice Chairman of the Board

     Originally from New York State, Tom graduated from college with a degree in economics in 1965.  He enlisted in U.S. Navy shortly thereafter and, after serving two years, earned a commission.  He subsequently served for 26 years as a Surface Warfare Officer and was assigned to a variety of ship and shore assignments before finally retiring in 1993.  Formally “Qualified for Command at Sea”, Tom earned 14 individual and unit awards, served in Vietnam, and graduated from the U.S. Army War College.

     After military service, Tom became a civil servant working as a financial program manager for the Defense Mapping Agency which later became the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.  He finally retired from federal service in 2006 as the Director of Program Development at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.  Lastly, he was a Senior Faculty Member with the Intelligence and Security Academy.

     Although mostly retired today, he is far too active to rest on his laurels.  Tom has been married to his wonderful wife Trinket for 44 years.  They travel extensively and are very active in numerous civic organizations.  He is a volunteer with SHARE D.C., a bulk food buying co-op program, and is a Post Trustee and the former Post Commander at his local Veterans of Foreign Wars unit.  He is also active in the Burke 55ers, a local seniors’ group where he serves as a Ways and Means Chairmen.  Finally, he and his wife are active members of the Optimist Club of Central Fairfax.

     At this time, he is Vice-Chairmen of the Board of the Mountain View High School Scholarship Foundation raising money to provide college scholarships to graduates of an outstanding Alternative High School.  He has been an active and enthusiastic supporter of Mountain View High School ever since his son graduated.  He began a family scholarship and works hard to bring in new members of the board.

Peter Kendrick - Director/Treasurer


     Peter Kendrick has spent the majority of his professional career as a Chief Financial Officer for a number of public, private and venture backed companies.  The companies ranged from government contractors to VOIP solutions providers, wholesale distribution, and a variety of others.  His current passion is running Diversified Laboratories, where he is CEO, a company he and his wife purchased over 10 years ago.  The company specializes in the detection of pesticides in food products and services some of the largest food companies in the world including Kraft, Cargill and others.
     His other passion is running the New Trajectory Scholarship program with his wife.  Not the best student in high school, Mr. Kendrick reversed course in college and graduated from Purdue University and continued on to receive his MBA in Finance from The George Washington University.  He believes that education is the key to raising a person’s living standard.  The scholarship is directed towards students with financial need who have turned their high school careers around after a rocky start…they realized the importance of education in their lives.  The scholarship awards $20,000 over 4 years.  Begun in 2013, the program currently has 4 participating students at the undergraduate level.  The program’s first award recipient graduated in 2017 and has gone on to a highly regarded graduate program in theoretical physics.


Susan Culik - Secretary/Scholarship Coordinator

     Susan Culik is the Science Department Chair at Mountain View High School, where she started teaching in 2003.  Ms. Culik teaches chemistry and environmental science, and chairs both the scholarship committee and environmental club. 

     Susan Culik received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota.  She received her Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ms. Culik is certified in chemistry, physics, and biology.  She completed her Administration and Supervision endorsement through the University of Virginia in 2013.

     Ms. Culik has taught in a variety of settings.  Before she came to Mountain View she taught chemistry and physics at Accotink Academy Alternative Learning Center in Springfield, Virginia.  Prior to that, she taught Chemistry for nursing majors at Ivy Technical College in Bloomington, Indiana.  She began her teaching career at Woodward Academy, a private school in College Park, Georgia.

Joe Thompson - Principal of Mountain View High School

     Throughout Mr. Thompson's 22-year career in FCPS, he has worked with students with alternative educational needs.  As an Instructional Assistant, then as a teacher, and finally as an Assistant Principal, Mr. Thompson considers himself lucky enough to be surrounded by excellent educational peers and school leaders. Through them, he has developed a philosophy on leading a school like Mt. View High School.

First and foremost, he believes that all children can experience academic success. Teaching and learning are rooted in the fundamental truth that all students strive to meet expectations. The higher the expectations, the more rigorous teachers and students must work to meet them.

     He also believes school leadership must work the hardest to not only clearly articulate the high expectations, but also provide teachers, students, and families with the support they need to achieve success. In order to meet the diverse needs of this learning community, he feels it is imperative that he is first a listener. To act before understanding the nature of the needs presented by the individual learners and staff in the building would render formulaic solutions to extremely personal and diverse needs. It is through listening and understanding that we can most effectively and efficiently serve this diverse community.

     An additional component of his philosophy is that teaching is ultimately a function of interpersonal relationships. To that end, he has spent his career working to foster an environment that welcomes all school community members to have a voice.

     Primarily, he believes that the greatest opportunity for students to improve not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well, lies in the relationships fostered by teachers and staff. When faculty, parents and students have an established trust that only comes from strong relationships, growth can occur in a safe and caring environment.

Mr. Thompson's hope that this community sees in him a leader that takes a strengths-based approach to building relationships.

Sharon Debragga - Director


     Sharon DeBragga joined the Mountain View High School faculty 17 years ago as the Career Development Coordinator for a federal-state School-To-Work grant secured by the three alternative high schools in Fairfax County.  A section of the grant established a scholarship matching program which originally was designated The Mountain View High School Scholarship Program.  In 2011 at the initiation of a group of alumni parents the scholarship program became the Mountain View High School Foundation.  Sharon has served at various times as the chairman and co-chairman of the scholarship selection committee and for the last 5 years as the Treasurer of the Foundation.

     Prior to Mountain View, Sharon worked as a school counselor in elementary and middle schools, a Career Specialist in high school, and in student services at a senior level college. Career education and development have been her passion since graduate school.  She has served as the president of the Virginia Career Development Association (VCDA), and twice as its Professional Development Chair.  History is her avocation, and she has been on the board of directors for the Centreville Community Foundation, the Historic Centreville Society, the Friends of Historic Centreville, and as a member of the Sully District Workforce Committee for the Preservation of the Historic District.  She is a recipient of Navy Federal’s Bruce Oliver Leadership Award for her work with School and Business Partnerships.  She was named Educator of the Year from the Herndon Dulles Chamber of Commerce, and was recognized by the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce for Outstanding Service as Chair of their Education Council.

     Sharon is married and has three children and four grandchildren. Her hobbies include reading historical fiction, traveling, and being “Gram” to the four grandchildren.

Jackie Gaston - Student Fundraising Committee Chair


     Jackie holds a State of Virginia Teaching License in Special Education for ages Pre-K through Secondary Education with a Master of Education Degree from George Mason University in Curriculum and Instruction.  Her undergraduate degree is in Human Development and Family Relations from the University of Connecticut with a Special Education Teaching Endorsement from Central Connecticut State University.  Jackie has been actively employed in education in the State of Virginia for over 25 years, most of those years in in Fairfax County Public Schools.  Currently, she works as an Employment & Transition Representative (ETR) at Mountain View High School in Centreville, VA along with various other alternative education programs and as the Lead ETR over Region 4 in FCPS.  
     Jackie serves on the Board of the Mountain View High School Foundation organizing scholarships for graduates.  In addition, she is a member of the Workforce & Education Committee for the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Youth & Education Committee on the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce.  In 2017, Jackie received the Excellence in Education Award from the Optimist club of Central Fairfax, VA.
     Jackie also serves on the Board of the Parkside Middle School Advisory Council and is an active member of the Osbourn Park High School Parent Advisor Council.  Previously she served on the Yorkshire Elementary School Parent Advisory Council and as their PTO President for a few years.  In January 2017 Jackie attended the Superintendent’s Advisory Council on Instruction (SACI) division wide “Best Practices Conference” for Parents.  She is also on the Board of the Yorkshire Civic Association in the Coles District of Prince William County.  Jackie is an aspiring author who has published twice with the Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise.  She also oversees a children’s literacy project where gently used children books are collected to donate to various programs in need of books for children of all ages.  In addition she volunteered for many years as a Religious Education Teacher at All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, VA as served as a volunteer coach for the Northern Virginia Soccer Club.
     Jackie adores her amazing husband and four beautiful children, 3 of whom are students in the PWCS District.

Marian Kendrick - Director


     Marian Kendrick’s professional career has been spent in the field of education.  After graduating from Purdue University and The George Washington University with a BS/MA in Speech and Language Pathology, she worked as a Speech and Language Pathologist in two Fairfax County elementary schools.  After the birth of her daughter, she left the public-school system but maintained her involvement by serving as a volunteer for both school and community organizations.  In addition, Marian spent some time working as a part-time Speech and Language Pathologist at a private clinic and contracted at several parochial schools in the Northern Virginia area.  She volunteered in Oakton High School’s Counseling Office (assisting with test administration) and in the school’s College and Career Center.  In 2003, she was hired as the College and Career Center Specialist at Oakton.  In that position she was responsible for helping students and parents decide on career pathways and college readiness.  In 2010, she moved to FCPS’s Office of School Counseling where she served as the College and Career ReadinessSpecial Liaison.  She was responsible for the organization of the FCPS annual College Fair/College Night and Gap Year events and Financial Aid workshops.  In 2014, Marian became the Program Director for College Access Fairfax, a non-profit organization which works closely with the school system to provide workshops and one-on- one assistance for securing financial aid for post-secondary education.  Since joining College Access Fairfax, Marian has become the primary presenter for such workshops as Paying for College, Scholarship 101, Understanding Your Financial Award Letter and for assisting at FAFSA Completion events.
     Marian, and her husband Peter, currently sponsor the New Trajectory Scholarship, for students who have changed their educational trajectory by realizing the importance of education and turned their grades around during their high school tenure.  This scholarship is open to all seniors enrolled in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Jesse Sipina - Director


     Jesse Sipina graduated from Mountain View High School in 2000 as a teen mom, part-time employee, and full-time student.  She was the recipient of more than $25,000 in scholarships, partly in thanks to the Mountain View High School Foundation.  After completing her B.A. degree in International Relations at George Mason University in 2005, Jesse went on to work for The American Red Cross as a Community Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer Manager.  Taking her passion for people a step further, she ventured into the private sector as a recruiter before getting married and having three more children.  Several years ago, she decided that mothering was her favorite occupation and chose to stay at home.  During this time, Jesse was able to focus on raising her children while mentoring other moms and taking on various leadership roles at her church.  

     Most recently, Jesse was approached about serving as a Director for the MVHS Foundation.  Jesse could not be more thrilled about giving back to the very same group that believed in her, sponsored her, and cheered her through the most difficult years of her life.  Jesse is so grateful to the donors for their faith in the Mountain View students, and looks forward to the honor of partnering with you!

Rebecca Vogler - Director

     Rebecca Vogler is a graduate from Mountain View High School, Class of 2003. She was a mom at 18 to a wonderful son, and not only graduated from high school, she did so five months early.  Upon graduation, she received a $1,500 scholarship from Long & Foster to aid her in pursuing her college education at Marymount University.  The scholarship helped her to purchase supplies and books needed for her full-time course load.  “When you are a parent in school, whether high school or college, you have to work extra hard.  Your nights are long when you need to write a paper, study for exams, but still honor your child’s bedtime routine.  But mastering those tasks successfully is very gratifying. You know you can do anything.”  This mindset and her positive experience at Mountain View helped Rebecca achieve a lot of her goals in life.  Rebecca maintained her relationship with her Guidance Counselor at Mountain View who often asked her to come back to talk to the pregnant and parenting students and encourage them to pursue their college education in order to provide the best life for themselves and for their families.  Rebecca received her BA in Psychology and later her MA in Human Resource Management & Organizational Development, also from Marymount University. She currently serves as a Board Member for the Mountain View High School Scholarship Foundation.

Raul "Ruly" Berrios - Director