Mountain View High School Foundation Scholarships


     The Mountain View High School Foundation was established in 2011 to ensure the continuation of our Scholarship Program and guarantee graduating seniors have the resources necessary to pursue academic and personal goals. Foundation scholarships are funded by individuals, organizations, and community groups.  Smaller donations and an anonymous endowment also assist in furthering the Foundation mission of meeting the post-secondary education financial needs of our graduates.


Success Stories:

Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez

     Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez shared in his scholarship essay that the main reason he came to school was because his mother made him!  Jose didn’t like school because he did not like his teachers and thought they were always wrong and he was always right.  Despite these feelings, he still dreamed of someday graduating from high school.  He just didn’t want to work to make that dream a reality.  When Jose got his first job he loved the idea of getting a paycheck.  Soon that seemed more important than school and so he dropped out.  Jose’s transformation  began when he realized that dropping out of school was a mistake, so he re-enrolled.  He recalled many teachers saying to him “you only get out of something what you put into it”.  Those words were finally making sense to him.  It took 6 years for Jose to earn his high school diploma.  Jose says that now he knows that one of the keys to success is simply not giving up.  Ms. Fay, Jose’s counselor said that Jose did more than just get his diploma, he grew up.  Ms. Carr one of Jose’s English teachers said when Jose could not come to school because of work he would work independently on lessons from home.  His final obstacle to graduation was the SOL Reading test.  And he passed it!  Jose has a son who is just about one year old.  He is the pride and joy of Jose’s life.  Now Jose has given his son the best gift of all-a father with a high school diploma.  Jose is currently working in the construction industry.  He would like to use his scholarship to help get certified in operating heavy equipment vehicles.  Beyond that he would like to take courses in Construction Management.

Jahnav Desai


     From his first day at Mountain View, Jahnav Desai noticed that Mountain View High School was different from his base school.  He saw how hard the administrators, counselors, teachers and staff worked to help students be successful and he decided to change his thinking about himself.  Filled with a new belief in his own abilities, he learned to “work smart” to accomplish his goals.  He developed his interest in photography and videography through his contributions to the Mountain View Mirror.  He took advantage of the career fair and other career center services to develop his professional goal to go into Information Technology and applied to Northern Virginia Community College.  With scholarship assistance, he will be ready to enroll in classes starting Fall 2014.

                                              Ali Shah


     Ali Shah wrote in his essay, “Being at Mountain View made me realize that

education is the most important factor in my life.  Before Mountain View I was

constantly giving up on myself.  At Mountain View I was taught that if I work hard

there is nothing that can stop me from being successful.  At Mountain View I was

not only helped in my courses but also in getting into college and even getting a

job.”  Ali’s goal is to go to NVCC and then transfer to James Madison University

and major in Business Management.  He wants his life to serve a purpose – to

help others the way the teachers and staff at Mountain View have helped him.

Ali’s Education for Employment teacher said that Ali always was a great help to

other students.  He maintained his employment and earned a certificate in

workplace readiness.  Ali’s English teacher, said Ali’s writing noticeably improved.

His ability to express his thoughts increased as did his analytical ability.  His

counselor said Ali has learned to cope with stress and to still stay focused on his

education.  She has great confidence that he will achieve his goals.


Spencer Pak


     Spencer Pak is a student who took full advantage of all Mountain View had to offer.  During his time here he learned three valuable lessons: the importance of education, the role perseverance plays in success and the value of experience – positive or negative – that leads to growth and maturity.  He discovered creating goals was critical and getting into college takes hard work.  In his recommendations both teachers commented on his positive attitude and his willingness to work hard to improve.  Spencer’s willingness to see things from another person’s perspective and his unwavering determination contributed to the integrity he showed every step of his way at Mountain View.  He plans to enroll in the Business School at Radford University as the first step toward his ultimate goals of running his mother’s business and attending law school.