Merritt/Lee Family Memorial Scholarship


     Jack and David Merritt, the father and younger brother of Susan Lee, fprmer Mountain View Assistant Principal, faced many challenges during their lives.  As they dealt with the obstacles in their paths, they learned a great deal about themselves, about what truly matters, and about the importance of celebrating achievements.  The family of these two caring, gentle, and hard-working men honors their memory by recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of a Mountain View student who has also faced and overcome obstacles.  The Merritt Family Memorial Scholarship, honoring former Mountain View teacher and administrator Susan Lee’s father and brother.


Success Stories:

Evelin Clavel


     Evelin Clavel knows a lot about hard work and time management.  During her three years at Mountain View, she attended classes full-time and she worked full-time nights and weekends to support herself.  She always gave 110% to class.  Her desire to learn was infectious which made her a role model for her classmates.  Evelin’s drive to succeed comes from her desire to help others.  Upon graduation, she will enroll in classes at NOVA to become a registered nurse.  Once she reaches this goal, she dreams of taking her training to developing countries to help people receive quality health care and hope for the future.  Evelin, we hope this scholarship will give you the start you need to achieve your goals.

Assim Shammo


     When Assim first immigrated to the United States in 2010, he was placed in ESOL Level 1.  Through hard work and determination, he progressed through the different levels of English mastery to attain his high school diploma while balancing school with a heavy work schedule and family commitments.  Ms. Reamer writes of Assim, “he has worked harder than any student I have ever taught and progressed at an exceptional pace."  In addition to hard work, Assim is a natural leader with his peers and has an intellectual curiosity that leads him to moderate class discussions and promote high levels of learning in the classroom.  Mr. Hardy describes Assim as “a humanitarian and a gentleman….quick to smile and joke with his classmates, he is like the good older brother that everyone wants around.”  Assim will start at Northern Virginia Community College next fall and plans to continue on through his bachelor’s degree and medical school to become a dermatologist.  Knowing Assim’s level of commitment to the projects he undertakes, we will certainly be calling him Dr. Shammo within 10 years’ time.

Seble Adebe

     Seble Adebe came to Mountain View in the Fall of 2012 with a determination to complete her high school diploma and to share her success with her family. Her ESL instructor reported that she was a serious student who got down to work every day in class—taking notes on grammar lessons and applying what she learned. Her teacher commented, “Seble’s serious approach to learning was contagious, and she contributed greatly to creating a respectful, yet engaging learning environment.”   Seble has already been admitted to Northern Virginia Community College and will begin classes there immediately to study accounting. Her long term goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant.