Mercantini Family Trust Scholarship


     A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor.  We believe that education is the foundation of every student’s future. This belief has caused us to mentor many students in Fairfax County throughout the years. We were very excited to hear that Mountain View had its own in house mentoring program.  We learned that many members of the Mountain View staff, in addition to their regular responsibilities, have chosen to mentor students.  As a result many students have been able to reach their goal of graduating from high school.  Ellen Fay, Counselor at Mountain View high school is a personal friend of our family. Ms. Fay has worked at Mountain View as a counselor and a mentor for the past 12 years. We are funding this scholarship in her honor.

Success Stories:

Brenda Rivera


     Brenda Rodriguez’s recipe for academic success includes large doses of hard work and perseverance.  Ms. Reamer, Brenda’s ESOL teacher, observed that she is “a reliable member of class who can be counted on for whatever we need.  Her internal motivation has kept her on top of all her assignments and helped her maintain a positive attitude even through a difficult testing season.”  When facing academic challenges, Brenda states, “no matter how many times I fall down, I will stand up and keep on looking forward to my future.”  During the last semester, Brenda applied to Northern Virginia Community College and completed her placement testing.  After graduation, she will use her scholarship to enroll in photography and other communication and visual media courses at NOVA.