Sponsor a Scholarship

     By becoming a scholarship donor, you will help students graduating from Mountain View High School to further their education.  In today’s world, a high school diploma is not enough.  For about $2,500, you (or you and a group of friends) can help fund a student to pursue the education needed to become a Computer Service Technician, Web Developer, Network Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, EMT or one of many other in-demand occupations.  Check to see if your employer will double your contribution through a matching gift program.

The Mountain View High School Foundation awards scholarships to its graduating students from the following categories:

  • Direct - The donor contributes funds for their scholarship each year.

  • Memorial - Funds are contributed by one or more people in memory of someone.  The scholarship is offered as long as funds are available.

  • Endowment - A large sum of money is donated and scholarships are provided from the interest accrued.

Scholarship requirements vary and correspond to one of the following types:


  • Academic Achievement - Students must have earned a grade point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale for at least four credits earned at Mountain View.  Additionally, students must answer an essay prompt regarding academic readiness.

  • Book Awards - Typically under $500, students answer an essay prompt about how a book has affected their lives in a non-trivial way, no minimum grade point average.
  • Criteria - Students must meet specific criteria as delineated by the donor, no minimum grade point average, students may be required to answer an essay prompt.

Contact us if you are interested in creating a scholarship.