Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce STEM Scholarship


     The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, located in western Fairfax County, serves as the hub for the high tech Dulles Corridor and acts as a resource, public affairs advocate, and community partner for more than 960 businesses and affiliates. Mountain View’s relationship with the Chamber extends from our initial business partnership with the Dulles Area Chamber of Commerce.  We are proud to be one of the chamber’s educational partners and grateful for their continued support of our scholarship program.  Each year the recipient of this scholarship is a student who plans on majoring in a STEM field—Science, Technology, Engineering or Math.

Success Stories

Covin Davis


     Covin Davis has developed into an outstanding young man both in word and in action.  He comes to class prepared every day and the quality of his work is outstanding.  He assists his fellow students when they struggle with assignments, and he is a leader during classroom discussions.  While deliberating controversial issues in government class, he listens to other students and is empathetic to their points of view even when he disagrees with them.  In Art class, he was a curious and creative student earning an Honorable Mention in the Scholastics Arts Competition.  He also spent his free periods assisting his teacher and other students in the presentation of their work for the Scholastics Art Competition.  He has been absolutely indispensable to his Art teacher.  Mr. Johnson calls Covin the most gifted English student we had this year.  He challenged himself in books and essays and completed far more than the requirements.  He has led by example and is looked up to by many students.  He has been committed to succeeding and turning his life around every minute he has been here. 

Antonio Serrano


    Antonio Serrano’s motto is “Once I start something, I have to make sure I get it done.”  If you know Antonio, then you know he lives by these words.  At Mountain View, Antonio pushed himself to be the best he could be.  He took honors credits and worked on weekends.  Antonio’s goal is become a computer programmer because he loves technology and wants to work to improve it.  He already has some thoughts on how to make his ideas a reality.  This scholarship, along with his first and second jobs will help pay for his schooling, help him support his family, and serve as an example for his sister.  With these ambitions, there is no doubt that Antonio will never lose the determination necessary to achieve this goal.