Art Steffen Memorial Scholarship


     Art Steffen was a History and Government teacher at Mountain View High School for ten (10) years, until his retirement in 2012.  Art touched the lives of many students through his ability to teach students not only about history and government, but a lot about life. He felt that every student had the innate ability to succeed, and all it took was that one person who could see the good in them, and that person was Art.

     Art was a teacher, mentor, coach, and most of all, a kind and caring person who took the time to listen to a student.  He loved to teach, and his teaching went well beyond the classroom.  Art Steffen was an amazing person, who left this earth unexpectedly, and way too early, in June 2014.  The Art Steffen Citizenship Memorial Scholarship honor's this esteemed former Government teacher at Mountain View.

William DaCosta


     William DaCosta is an extremely cooperative and polite young man who was a solid A/B student at Mt. View.  He managed to complete five courses in one semester, including both Information Systems and Advance Information Systems. Ms. Rock, his teacher, says that William “was adamant about taking the advanced class to increase his computer software knowledge”. Ms. Rock adds that William is a great young man with a lot of potential to be successful in college. William will be continuing his education at Northern Virginia Community College.

Eden Tekola


     In the body of her scholarship essay, Eden Tekola wrote “I can’t exactly put into words how much my teachers have changed me for the better, but what I have realized is that teachers have a huge impact on their students’ mindsets.  They can either motivate them or cause them to remain stagnant or degrade them, but what I’ve received and learned here in less than two years was so humbling and encouraging that even I can observe how much I’ve changed and matured.”

Art Steffen was a tireless ambassador for Mountain View High School.  He truly loved working here and would have been particularly proud to see Eden win a scholarship in his name, knowing how much the school had changed her.  He would have loved having her in class and being part of her metamorphosis.  Eden wrote that Mountain View contributed to her resolve by providing her with the support team she needed.  Art loved being part of that kind of a support team in the classroom and on the playing field.

Dibora Eshete

     Dibora Eshete believes Mountain View has contributed greatly to her “resolution to succeed.”  The resources provided here, most especially the teachers who work so hard to assist and encourage their students, taught her that goals can be accomplished and obstacles overcome.  It was the teachers who sometimes behaved like parents who made her understand the importance of investing in the lives of others.  Dibora embodies our motto of “Family, Love, and Respect.”  She often engaged in small acts of kindness on behalf of her fellow students.  As a native speaker of Amharic and a successful English language learner, she helped level 1 ESOL students by providing translation services.  Dibora would often bring her classmates into the Career Center to encourage them to sign up for programs and work on their plans for life after high school.  Her desire to help extends to her own career plans.  After completing a biology degree at NOVA, she hopes to transfer to University of Virginia to study Public Health Administration. “After I finish,” Dibora explained in her scholarship essay,” I will go back to my home country and help people who are suffering from different diseases.” 

Dibora Eshete receives the first Art Steffen Memorial Citizenship Scholarship at Mountain View High School’s mid-year graduation awards ceremony. (From left) Art Steffen’s social studies department colleague at Mountain View Catherine Collins, Dibora Eshete, Bev Steffen and Mackenzie Steffen.